Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to park in Kielder Water & Forest Park?

All day parking costs £5 per vehicle (up until 3am to allow visitiors to stargaze under the darkest skies in Europe), which is transferable to all the car parks listed below:

Hawkhope, Kielder Dam South Abutment, Tower Knowe, Kielder Waterside, Matthew's Linn, Bakethin Nature Reserve, Kielder Castle, Skyspacelower car park and Elf Kirk.

All of these car parks, with the exception of Kielder Castle, Lower Skyspace and Elf Kirk can be paid in advance at 

Alterantively, if you park for one hour or under the charge is £2.00

Monies raised from car parking fees are vital for the upkeep of the facilities within the park, whihc includes public toilets, play areas, visitor centres, the lakesdie way, MTB trails, art works and much more.

Can I camp in the forest?

Camping is only allowed at Kielder campsite.

Do I need a permit to horse ride in the forest?

As an individual, you do not need a permit to horse ride in the Park.

What time does the Park close?

Never! Access on foot is permitted 24 hours a day. The car parks are always open and while the visitor centres do have opening hours, you may access the forest on foot any time.

Where can I hire bikes?

Bikes are available for hire from . It is advisable to book in advance of your visit.

What time do the visitor centres open?

Opening times for the visitor centres vary depending on the time of year. Visitor centres and shops at Kielder Waterside and Tower Knowe Visitor Centre are open mainly every day from Easter through to the end of October. Outside of these months, centres are open mainly on weekends.

We strongly recommend that you check opening times before you set off. 

Do I need to pay to use the orienteering courses?

No, use of our orienteering courses is free. The only charge is the purchase of maps for use on the course.

Where are the litterbins?

Litterbins are provided only in the immediate vicinity of our shops and cafes. At all our sites we encourage visitors to take home their own rubbish and ‘leave only footprints’.

Do I have to walk my dog on a lead?

Dogs and their owners are welcome however, as forests are popular with all sorts of other users such as children, horses, cyclists and of course other dog walkers, it is important dogs are kept under control at all times. Dog owners are not asked to keep their dogs on leads at all times in the forest, but they should be on a lead when at our main visitor centres.

Owners are expected to pick up their dirt and to be able to keep close control of their pet, especially when other visitors are in the vicinity.

When will I encounter midges?

Midges are a part of everyday life during the summer months here at Kielder Water & Forest Park. They usually appear at the end of May each year and disappear in September. They are small flying insects that are extremely irritating and they also bite. There are a number of repellents available to deter them from biting you.

What to do if you spot a grey squirrel?

The American grey squirrel poses a real threat to our native red squirrels at Kielder and we would very much appreciate it if you could email us on  or send us a text on 07887 782835 if you see one. It would be helpful if you could tell us when and exactly where you saw it, so that we can record it on our maps. You can find out more about squirrels at

What are Pine Weevils?

Pine Weevils are small dark hard backed insects that are harmless to humans and their pets. They eat pine bark and are active between March and November they can often be found in the log cabins due to the nature of the wood used for their construction. They are mainly active when the weather is warm.

Are there any snakes in the Park?

Adders can be seen in the area. They can be recognised by a zigzag pattern down their backs. They are a poisonous snake and will bite if they are provoked. If you see one please leave it alone, a bite from an adder is not necessarily fatal but it can make you feel unwell. It is unusual for someone to be bitten as they will normally disappear as soon as they hear a noise. If you have been bitten please consult your doctor. 

They can be seen when it is warm and sunny basking on rocks or on paths and roads.

We recommend always keeping your dog in line of sight so you can call it back if you see an Adder. Dogs on leads will also further reduce the risk of an Adder strike. If your dog does receive a strike, the advice from is:-

  • Quickly seek attention of a vet
  • carry your dog rather than letting it walk this will reduce the spread of the venom
  • bathe the wound in cold water to reduce the swelling
  • keep your dog quiet and warm why transferring to nearest vet

How many deer are in the Park?

There are approximately 6,500 roe deer and they are most active in the spring and summer when they can be seen crossing the road. Please take care when you are travelling the roads concerned as they frequently jump out into the path of your vehicle.

I’m staying in one of Northumbrian Water’s luxury lodges, what equipment is included?

The lodges are fully equipped with everything you need including a television, DVD player, washer/dryer, fridge/freezer, microwave, dishwasher, bed linen and duvets. Cots and high chairs are available to hire. Some lodges are available with wheelchair access but we do not hire wheelchairs. Pets are welcome in some lodges at an extra charge – please advise us when booking.

I’m staying at the Calvert Kielder, what do I need to know:

Do I have to bring towels and bed linen?

We provide bed linen but not towels so please bring your own towels.

Is the centre fully accessible?

Yes it is on one level and is level entry at the front and rear entrances.

Can I bring a pet?

Guide and assistance dogs are allowed in the centre only. The majority of the lodges allow one pet at an extra charge. Please inform us at time of booking.

For more Calvert Kielder frequently asked questions please request a leaflet – 01434 250 232 or