Kielder Salmon Centre




We are making improvements to the Kielder Salmon Centre and need to reduce our opening times to ensure we keep you safe while this work is being completed.

This work is programmed to be completed on August 12th 2022.

Our new opening times as of 4th July 2022 are as follows

Monday-Friday                12pm to 4 pm

Saturday and Sunday      10am-4pm


The incredible and unique life cycle of the salmon starts here! Learn about why the Environment Agency raises thousands of young salmon to be released into the River Tyne- the country's most thriving salmon river: It's the largest conservation salmon hatchery in England and Wales, but that's not all you can see here! Fresh water pearl mussels, one of UK's most endangered species are reared here. 

Come here to:

Take a walk around the visitor centre to find out more about the fascinating life cycle of the Atlantic salmon and the work of the salmon centre. See the adult fresh water pearl mussels living in our artificial stream and the trout that are a vital part of their fascinating lifecycle.  Please visit walking page for the Salmon Centres walk

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