Minotaur - Nick Coombe and Shona Kitchen 2003


Minotaur is located in the grounds of Kielder Castle.  The Minotaur Maze is a must for children and adults alike. The adventurous will discover a number of special features that include a set of stairs taking visitors above the walls and enabling them to consider possible alternative routes within the maze and say 'Hello' to others waiting outside. The final goal, a small glittering room formed from rocks of recycled glass is a quiet place from which to contemplate the task of discovering a return route to the outside world.

Usually, wheelchair users can access the work via the Duchess trail. However, this trail suffered severe damage from the storms at end of 2021 and early 2022 and remains closed at present. Hoping for this to reopen in summer 2022. 

Ticketing information

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