Kielder Observatory - Main Evening Event

Star trails in winter


Spend an evening at the Kielder Observatory with a team of experienced astronomers and we will share with you the wonders of the Universe. We are located in the heart of the Dark Sky Park and our fantastic telescopes are available for the use of our guests. These are our main evening events which are aimed at all levels of knowledge and experience, ideally ages from 8 years upwards and last 3 hours. Generally they run from about 8pm-11pm every day, but please check our website for exact times and availability:  

The main difference between these events is the subject of the 45 min presentation that we provide during the event, for example: Aurora Night, Origins of the Universe & The Secret Lives of Stars. We have large aperture telescopes in each of our two turrets, and some smaller portable telescopes on the viewing deck. The guests are rotated so they get the opportunity to use each telescope as well as a tour of our specialist observatory, the Gillian Dickinson Astro-imaging Academy – with its suite of instruments aimed at imaging the universe Observations depend on the weather of course, and if observing isn't possible our science team have a well-rehearsed bad weather programme involving other interactive activities – such as meteorites, pieces of the Moon and even Mars.

Tickets must be booked in advance and we often sell out early, so please check our website for availability and to book:










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