Chollerton Old Church Cottages | Self Catering in Hexham | Kielder Water and Forest Park

Chollerton Old Church Cottages

Unit information

Type Qty Capacity Guide price
1 4
per unit per week
Min: £440.00 - Max: £585.00
1 5
per unit per week
Min: £472.00 - Max: £625.00
(The Stables)
1 2
per unit per week
(£233.00 single occupancy)
Min: £220.00 - Max: £310.00
Total capacity: 11
Two person occupancy in Lonnenend or Kirkend carries a 25% discount. We offer a 10% discount on the cheaper rate if two cosecutive weeks are booked. Our change-over days are Monday and Friday, short breaks Monday to Friday and Friday to Monday are low and mid-season and sometimes las-t minute in high season.


Green Tourism Gold Award