The Human Burrow - Antoine Bertin 2021


Storm damage on The Beeches walk, and technical maintenance issues currently taking place at The Human Burrow mean that it is not currently open to visitors. We hope to have this work completed as soon as possible

Antoine says of his work, “The Human Burrow is an art installation exploring the sounds of underground wildlife. Once inside the Burrow, you will be immersed in a composition made of sounds and vibrations of animal origin. You may spend the night with a fox dreaming in its den; experience the noise of thousands of ants crawling about their nest; feel the seismic songs of elephants conversing through the ground; listen to kangaroo rats foot-drumming from burrow to burrow; or even enter a crocodile’s lair where an egg is about to hatch. The Burrow is a human-scale acoustic refuge accessible day and night to humans and non-humans alike.”

When you enter the Burrow, low level lighting will illuminate the interior and one of nine different audio tracks will start to play automatically. The tracks play in random order with each lasting around 7 minutes.

Use your mobile phone torch if it makes you feel more comfortable but please turn it off once you get used to your surroundings. The wall and ceiling surfaces are not hard or sharp, but they can feel quite close in places, so please move around with care.

The Human Burrow was funded by European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Arts Council of England and Kielder Water & Forest Park Trust. It was made possible with support from Artists& Engineers, D.G.Walton, JC Consulting, Raskl, Pure Energy Renewables and Webb CDM.