Wilderness Survival Skills - Fire lighti


Central to survival; fire warms, dries, makes water safe, cooks food, lifts morale. Firecraft is one of the oldest skills known to mankind. It is a central survival skill; it warms us, it dries us, it makes water safe to drink, it cooks our food, it lifts morale. Discover several different ways to generate a flame without using matches including with flint and steel. Find out about collecting, preparing and using a range of tinders to get the flame going. Learn ways of getting the fire going in wet conditions, how to build the flame up into a fire you can cook and how to manage the fire from start to finish to minimise impact on the surroundings. Wear clothes you would do the garden in including waterproofs, strong footwear, midge repellant. The activity leader, Bruce Ferguson, is qualified through the Institute for Outdoor Learning to teach bushcrafts to groups and has been involved in bushcrafts and woodland skills since 1987.

Ticketing information

Type Entry for Guide price
per ticket
Family 4
per ticket
16+ (Parental consent required for under 18s) £10 per person, £30 per family of 4 (2 adults, 2 children). 1.30pm-4.30pm

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