Forestry Commission Centenary


Celebrating 100 Years of Forestry 1919-2019, the Forestry Commission continues to protect and enhance the Nation's Forests for wellbeing, the future and the environment. There will be events throughout the year, including a weekend of special events on 10th - 12th May centred on the centenary celebrations and the annual Kielder Vintage and Classic Vehicle Show.

Big Forest Find 

“There's usually way more life living in a forest than is noticeable at first glance!”  - Join Michaela Strachan in the #BigForestFind and be part of shaping the nation’s forests for the next 100 years by recording the wildlife you discover when you visit Kielder.  

Record what you can find on your next visit by downloading the free iNaturalist app →   

Tributes to Trees

Launched on Valentine’s Day, Tributes to Trees is a request for you to share stories, poems, letters or memories with us to show gratitude to the trees which sustain us.

Maybe it’s that tree you used to climb, taking you to a different place literally and metaphorically? 

Maybe it’s those trees that have been given a second life to provide the sensory and tactile pleasures of a cricket bat, a wooden spoon, or a piece of furniture?

Carol Ann Duffy, the poet laureate, shares her Tribute to Trees with a poem created for our centenary. FOREST is a celebration of the endurance and life-cycle of the forest, reminding us of our place in the natural world and how trees sustain life on earth.

Find a video of Carol Ann Duffy reading FOREST and add your tribute to our gallery:


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