Open Day Opportunity at Northumberland’s Rarest Safari

Go deep into Chillingham Park to get up close and personal with a real rarity - Northumberland’s Chillingham Wild White Cattle.

On Saturday 20th July, The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association will open its gates to offer visitors a trailer safari like no other. This is the chance to get close up and personal with one of the World’s most special animal experiences - the Chillingham Wild Cattle and their unique habitat.

Organised by the Chillingham Wild Cattle Association (CWCA), throughout the day there will be a series of tours and talks. Visitors will hear about the history of the cattle park, their natural habitat, the family who have nurtured the beasts and the continuing involvement the Wild Cattle have within environmental and scientific studies.

Across the day, the trailer rides will transport visitors throughout the park to some secret corners and will allow them to witness the fauna and flora for themselves.

New to this year will be the Land Rover Chillingham Wild Cattle Safari Tour, which is in addition to the trailer rides. Those on the tour, will be taken, by the Warden Denene Crossley, to viewpoints overlooking an area of the 700-acre medieval park and woods. Denene will share her in depth knowledge of both the cattle and the park’s unique natural heritage. Seats must be booked in advance, with limited space on the trailer.

As a herd of around 50 cows and 50 bulls, the Chillingham Wild Cattle are totally unique. Located in their very own almost untouched Medieval Park in the heart of rural North Northumberland, thanks to their long isolation these cattle are genetically very special. Living and behaving as wild animals, they receive no human intervention other than with winter feeding.

With the first trailer ride setting off at 10:00 AM, Professor Stephen Hall, the Chairman of the CWCA, will give talks on the history of these iconic cattle - all whilst journeying deep into their wonderful habitat. The cost for the trailer rides is £12 per person, and following rides will take place at 12:00PM and 2:30PM. The cost for the Land Rover Safari is £10.

There will be many other attractions for visitors, including a display of wild cattle bones for visitors to see and handle, Wood Turning using traditional skills, and as a complete contrast Chain Saw Carving Scott Smith – the dresser who has made a Chillingham horn stick and many more designs, will stage his Dressed Stick Show.

Last year, the Chillingham Wild Cattle were Highly Commended in the North East Tourism Awards for ‘Guided Tour of the Year’. Looking forward to the open day, Denene Crossley, Cattle Warden, said:

“We are all looking forward to this showcase of the herd. The tours are an absolutely unique experience, portraying information and the natural environment at its best in so many different ways and continually have been highly successful. Our Open Day is a great day out for all of the family – educational and adventurous.

“Every year the park attracts thousands of visitors from not only across the county, but across the globe and we are expecting the exact same this time round.”

Formed in 1939, The Chillingham Wild Cattle Association (CWCA) now has over 350 members and is passionate about the conservation of this distinct and iconic herd, which is steeped in history and is a real Northumbrian treasure. This charitable organisation depends upon public interest and support.  All money raised on the day will be used for the welfare of the cattle.  Chillingham Park is currently open to visitors all day Monday to Friday, as well as Sunday, with tours presented acting Warden Denene Crossley.

Further information about the day, the park, the opening times and the cattle can be found at: or call 01668 215250.

Open Day Opportunity at Northumberland’s Rarest Safari


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