Record breaking weekend at Kielder

Full marathon and first-ever half marathon run on day two

A record number of runners descended on Kielder Water & Forest Park, Northumberland today for ‘Britain’s most beautiful marathon and half marathon (4 October).

And Middlesbrough’s Matthew Jones, was crowned the new champion of the Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon, while Karl Taylor was the inaugural winner of the Kielder Half Marathon, setting the record at 1 hour 14 minutes and 35 seconds.

Northumberland County Council worker Karl, who is aged 24 and from Amble, Northumberland said: “I thought that I would come quite high up but I didn’t expect to win the first half marathon. It’s also my first event at Kielder - it’s a beautiful race but it’s really hard.”

The new half marathon attracted nearly 700 runners, including BBC newsreader Sophie Raworth.

She said; “I have been to Kielder once, years and years ago, when I came to do a report about Kielder as the most tranquil part of the UK. I think we’re disturbing that peace a bit today! – there are an awful lot of people here sounding fantastic and it’s just spectacular.”

Active Northumberland Kielder Marathon 2015

Around 850 runners made their way around northern Europe’s largest man-made lake, Kielder Water in the sixth year of the Marathon, which is held every year at Northumbrian Water’s Leaplish Waterside Park.

Winner Matthew Jones, aged 34, who crossed the finish line in 2 hours 43 minutes and 02 seconds said: “I feel elated, and a bit tired. It was a bit of a battle at the front but it’s my first year and I loved it, I enjoyed every minute.”

Matthew, who is a doctor of cardiology in Middlesbrough, has taken the title off three-time marathon winner Ceri Rees, who gave North East runners a sporting chance this year when he decided not to take part.

Northumbria University Lecturer, 36-year-old, Gemma Bradley, from Gateshead was the first female to cross the marathon finish line.

Gemma, who is a member of Saltwell Harriers running club and completed the race in 3 hours 21 minutes and 53 seconds, said: “It was gorgeous, really tough in parts but it’s such a stunning race. I just thought I’d come out for a lovely run, I didn’t expect to win.”

Both events were the show stoppers to a full weekend of activities which included the Kielder 10K, Kielder Run-Bike-Run, Junior Races and a series of walks.

The Junior Races took place while the marathon and half marathon were underway and saw more than 100 children take part in either the Osprey (880m race for children aged seven to nine) the Roman Mile (1.48km race for children aged ten to twelve) or the Centurion (2.5km race for children ages thirteen to fifteen).

Tynedale Harrier, Christopher Jackson, aged 15, from Allendale, Northumberland was thrilled to have won the Centurion. He said: “I’d hoped to win. It was good fun and I want to be back next year and I think I would like to do the Kielder 10K.”

Kielder Marathon attracts runners and outdoor adventure enthusiasts from around the world to the dramatic setting and unique course.

Councillor Val Tyler, Cabinet member for Arts, Leisure and Culture at Northumberland County Council, said: “The addition of the half marathon to this year’s event shows the popularity of Kielder and Northumberland for outdoor activities.

“The county has a very strong network of running clubs and growing number of runners. It is also an excellent place for walking, and as the Tour of Britain has shown, more and more people are supporting and taking up cycling.”

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Kielder Marathon race results 2015

First: Matthew Jones, aged 34, originally from Wales and living in Middlesbrough – 2hr 43min 02sec
Second: Conrad Franks, aged 32, from Gateshead – 2hr 45min 51sec
Third: Mike Jefferies, aged 33, from Richmond – 2hr 51min 11sec

First female: Gemma Bradley, aged 36, from Gateshead – 3hr 21min 53sec
Second: Lisa Bennett, aged 43, from Guisborough – 3hr 26min 29sec
Third: Jacqueline Keavney, aged 50, from Swaledale – 3hr 27min 42sec

Kielder Half Marathon race results 2015

First: Karl Taylor, aged 24, from Amble – 1hr 14min 35sec
Second: Steven McMahon, aged 36, from Sunderland – 1hr 19min 18sec
Third: Ben Wickham, aged 36, from London – 1hr 22min 07sec

First female: Debra Crozier, aged 50, from Washington – 1hr 33min 14sec
Second: Elaine Bisson, aged 37, from Durham – 1hr 35min 13sec
Third: Susie Chan, aged 40, from London – 1hr 36min 12sec

Kielder Junior Runs race results 2015

The Osprey (880m) – under 10s
First: Evan Holloway – 4min 21sec
Second: Noah Curran – 4min 26sec
Third: Seb Mason – 4min 27sec

First: Martha Tickner – 4min 52sec
Second: Georgia Winter – 5min 19sec
Third: Ruby Edwards – 5min 26sec

The Roman Mile (1.48km) – under 13s
First: Gregor Collins - 6min 41sec
Second: Liam Brittle – 6min 49sec
Third: James Tilley – 7min 08sec

First: Anna Mason (third overall) – 6min 57sec
Second: Ines Curran – 6min 58sec
Third: Erin Clarke – 7min

The Centurion (2.5km) – under 16s
First: Christopher Jackson – 9min 02sec
Second: Cameron Grey – 9min 9sec
Third: Aidan Pinkney – 10min 02sec

First: Olivia Mason (third overall) – 9min 22sec
Second: Eira Hegarty – 11min 15sec
Third: Rebecca Forster – 14min 02sec

Marathon winning times 2010 – 2014

2010 first male was Zak Kihara from Kenya with the record time of 02:29:06
2010 first female was Lizzy Hawker 02:58:22

2011 first male was Ricky Lightfoot 02:35:16
2011 first female was Jane Mooney (now Hodgson) 03:06:45

2012 first male was Ceri Rees 02:39:26
2012 first female was Angela Mudge 02:59:28

2013 first male was Ceri Rees 02:43:55
2013 first female was Victoria Nealon 03:22:41

2014 first male was Ceri Rees 02:39:43
2014 first female was Myra Jones 03:17:58


Record breaking weekend at Kielder