Wild food and foraging!

There is no doubt that TV show “More Tales from Northumberland” presented by Hexham born Robson Green is providing a boost to tourism in the region. With 4 million viewers for the opening episode of series two, the tourism attractions and business are preparing again for what is affectionately known as the “Robson effect.”

Robson’s passion for the County is infectious, and this series shows him uncovering many hidden gems so he is seen exploring parts of the area he has never visited before and taking part in activities which are very special to this region.

A recent episode included setting up camp at Sidwood in Kielder Water and Forest Park. Robson met couple Linus and Louise who call themselves `wild gourmets' and is seen preparing a meal using ingredients hand-picked from Kielder Forest. Robson described his meal as fine dining, and said that the couple should have three Michelin stars above their renovated camper van restaurant.

Northern Wilds offer a unique way to experience the Northumberland countryside. On a foraging workshop Linus and Louise teach how to identify, prepare and cook wild foods seasonally plentiful in the landscape. They run short half day wild food forays with lunch or the full day foraging experience with a wild food feast!

On a Facebook questions and answers session, the question was posed "Robson has spent a few nights under the stars on various TV series, so where's his best place for a night under the stars?"
Robson’s reply “It would have to be Kielder Forest, including a trip to Kielder Observatory, the best place in Europe to view our wondrous universe.” We agree!!


Wild food and foraging!


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