Ceri's king of Kielder for second year running

Champion Ceri Rees defied the wet weather today to historically defend his title in Britain’s most beautiful marathon. (6 October)

The winner of the 2013 Salomon Kielder Marathon, held in Northumberland and hosted by Northumbrian Water, is the first person in the four year history of the event to win for the second consecutive year.

Ceri, aged 40, who came up from Devon especially for the race, completed it in 2hr 43min 55sec. He said: “I feel tired! It’s different off-road running to road running – it’s tougher on muscles but easier on joints.

“Kielder is beautiful, it hasn’t been perfect weather for sightseeing but for running it was. I wasn’t expecting to beat my time from last year because I had a few injury problems, I was just pleased to get round.”

Victoria Nealon, aged 30, from Rugby, Warwickshire was the first female to cross the finishing line.

Victoria, who completed it in 3hr 22min and 41 sec, said: “It was hard, I kept thinking ‘please, no more hills’ but they kept coming! But it was good, it was a nice run. This is my second marathon but it’s the first time I’ve competed in Kielder Marathon and I’ve got London next!”

Billed as the most beautiful marathon in Britain, more than 1000 runners entered to make their way around northern Europe’s largest man-made lake, Kielder Water.

Today also saw a number of children getting involved in the day with the under 16s races. The Kielder Junior Runs include the Osprey (880m race for children aged seven to nine, the Roman Mile (1.48km race for children aged ten to twelve) and the Centurion (2.5km race for children ages thirteen to fifteen).

Tynedale Harrier, 13-year-old Max Pearson from Hexham was thrilled to have won the Centurion. He said: “I’m really pleased, it was a nice run. The weather is not so nice though!”

The full weekend of events, including Kielder Junior Runs, Kielder 10K, Kielder Run Bike Run and the main marathon itself, attracts runners and outdoor adventure enthusiasts from around the world to the dramatic setting and unique course.

Former Olympic athlete and world record holder, Steve Cram MBE, is the event organiser of the popular weekend. He said: “Kielder Water & Forest Park was always my favourite place to run in the world and I had always dreamt of holding a marathon there.

“It’s been a wet day today but it’s been a good one! Everyone has been keen to get involved - the Run-Bike-Run was completely sold out this year and the atmosphere over the whole weekend was fantastic. Congratulations to everyone who completed the marathon.”

Kielder Marathon race results

  • First: Ceri Rees, aged 40, from Devon – 2hr 43min 55sec
  • Second: Patrick Duffy, aged 38, from Consett – 2hr 52min 25sec
  • Third: David Wakefield, aged 44, from South Shields – 2hr 53min 09sec

  • First female (34 overall position): Victoria Nealon, aged 30, from Rugby – 3hr 22min 41sec
  • Second (41 overall position): Louise Hayes, aged 43, from Whitley Bay – 3hr 25min 59sec
  • Third (44 overall position): Carol Cervenak, aged 52, from Sunderland – 3hr 26min 45sec

Kielder Junior Runs race results

The Osprey

  • First: Thomas Dixon, aged 8, from Leicestershire – 4min 26sec
  • Second: Erin Clarke, aged 8, from Durham – 4min 41sec
  • Third: Abigail Dufton, aged 9, from Bishop Auckland – 4min 49sec

The Roman Mile

  • First: Aidan Pinkney, aged 11, from Hexham – 5min 46sec
  • Second: Paddy Lally, aged 12, from Hexham – 5min 51sec
  • Third: Liam Brittle, aged 10, from Darlington – 5min 53sec
  • First place female: Sophie Wright, aged 11, from Prudhoe – 6min 11sec

The Centurion

  • First: Max Pearson, aged 13, from Hexham – 8min 52sec
  • Second: William Cook, aged 14, from Sunderland – 10min 24sec
  • Third: Ben Pickett, aged 14, from Kielder – 10min 34sec
  • First place female: Jessica Fox, aged 15, from Sunderland – 10min 35sec

Previous winning times

  • 2010 first male was Zak Kihara from Kenya with the record time of 02:29:06
  • 2010 first female was Lizzy Hawker 02:58:22
  • 2011 first male was Ricky Lightfoot 02:35:16
  • 2011 first female was Jane Mooney (now Hodgson) 03:06:45
  • 2012 first male was Ceri Rees 02:39:26
  • 2012 first female was Angela Mudge 02:59:28
Ceri's king of Kielder for second year running

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